Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday and Friday, 8/28-29

Thursday: 10.6 miles / 69 minutes - Steady running over some good hills during the first 5 miles. Stopped and did some good (and needed) stretching before cranking the pace down into the low 6's. 15k on Sunday is going to be a bit far for my current fitness... and I'll fake it the best I can!

Friday: ~8 miles / 61 minutes taking it easy on trails. Felt good!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday, 8/26 - 27


5 miles navigating struggle-city in the heat after school. I was dehydrated going into it and found 7:00 pace to be the best I could manage. Even that felt awful. I'm glad I ran but every step was a mental hurdle.


9 miles / 62 minutes easy at Wier Hill in N. Andover. It's a good little reservation and I pass by it on my way to and from work. Nice change of scenery.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday 8/25

9 miles / 64 minutes mostly on roads solo after the first day of school. Tired, but glad I got it done!

Wednesday 8/20 - Sunday 8/24

Wednesday: Off. Letting the back rest.

Thursday: Easy 58 minutes on trails with the Gordon XC team. Feeling okay but not great.

Friday: 5 miles / 34:40 with Kevin and Pat in Methuen. Good run!

Saturday: 5k @ the NH XC festival. 16:45 good for 4th place in the open race. Splits were pretty crazy; 5:26, 6:16?, 4:55

Sunday: 4 miles easy / NT -  On trails from home. Hamstrings are grouchy but otherwise fine.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday, 8/19

3 mi / 20:40 - Mid morning I set out to see if running might help to loosen up my back. Well, the tightness didn't get worse but it also didn't get better. Very light stretching afterwards. Unable to target hamstrings, although I was able to foam roll the area.

3 mi / NT - Evening warm-up jog with the team before their workout. I need to work out before the 15k but today was not to be. Back has improved but still not comfortable opening up the stride.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, 8/18

52 minutes on trails at a very easy pace. Did a bunch of stretching and some core work followed by immediately tweaking something in my lower back while moving the coffee table. Couch-ridden the rest of the day. Very annoyed. Probably the worst I've ever done it. Ibuprofen and ice followed by heat and rest.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, 8/16-17


Stayed up late hanging with my dad, then up early for the 8:00 am start in Hancock, NH. It was a beautiful drive on the way into town and I was pretty excited/nervous to see people I haven't in a while. Some of us might not have crossed paths in 9 or 10 years. I realized I was socializing too much and managed to get out out for a 2++ mile warm-up before heading straight to the starting line. We were off and Alex Hall and I matched strides for the first mile or so. Eventually he made a "move" by surging below 5:20 pace and I dared not follow. I was pretty tired from a little hammering yesterday and the reality is I'm just not as fit as I was a few months ago. Still, I had fun, ran consistently, 5:26, 5:29, 5:25, and nabbed 2nd place, good for a pair of socks that don't fit me. It was pretty cool to hang out with some former ConVal runners and hear about what everyone's up to. Hall and I headed to Peterborough and gorged on Nonie's breakfast downtown before heading to McDowell Lake for a swim.

9 miles total.


12 miles /  1:14:22 - 6:12/mi. Good run from Andover out to Haggett's Pond and back via High Plain Road. I planned to run easier today but I felt like I had only one gear. Consciously slowing down felt awkward so I decided to just go with it. Anyway, I definitely won't complain any time the miles come easy! Beautiful evening for a cruise.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday, 8/15

8.5 mi / 51:48  solo run in Keene starting at the south side of Optical Ave, up the 2+ mile hill on Chapman Rd, back down into town via Concord Rd, through town on Washington St. and back to Optical via the bike path. Moved quickly for my fitness level (6:05/mi) and felt pretty good.

I'm running a 5k in Hancock, NH tomorrow with a group that will be there in tribute to my friend Laura who passed away this Spring. She was a teammate of mine in HS as well as college, and one of my most trusted friends, especially while in HS. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else who is coming to run or walk, and to share memories of what a sweet person she had grown to be. Coincidentally, I stopped by our former HS this afternoon to explore the new gymnasium and found a T&F all-time record list. Laura holds the 1600 and 3200 records. She was also state champion in the 1600 her senior year. It's interesting that I remember her more for kind and inclusive personality, her drive to achieve academically and to honor her family and her faith, far more than her competitiveness as a runner. Needless to say, we lost a good one.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/4 - 8/14 Vacation week, an adventure in the Whites, and back to reality

Monday: 80 minute bike ride with Greg heading north up the Cape and back.

Tuesday: 9 miles / 6:50 pace with a gut full of fried seafood... brutal!

Wednesday: 7 miles / 6:22 pace on the rail trail with Lauren keeping me company on the her bike.

Thursday: 0 - off day. Feeling cooked from several days on the beach. Electrolytes are not well balanced.

Friday: double, 4 and 4, using mile markers on the bike path. NT. GPS watch ran out of battery.

Saturday: 3 miles in 19:33 at the gym. Travel off the Cape was exceptionally worse than expected and we had dinner plans with the Rich family so we were rushing around. Lauren wanted to swim so we headed to the gym after unpacking. Of course, I forgot socks, so I was forced to either suffer massive blisters or call it early. Finished with two sets of weights: 10 x 20 lb lunges, 20 x 20 lb curls, 15 x 75 lb lat pull-downs, 15 x 25 lb shoulder press, 9 minutes of planks, a few supermans.

Sunday: 9.7 miles on the trails at a good clip. Glad to be back home!

Monday: 8.3 mile hike to 13 falls campsite in the Pemi wilderness area with Tim, Tyler and Billy.

Tuesday: Partial Pemi loop completed: 29.7 miles / 7300' elevation gained and lost.

Wednesday: Off - very necessary! Had a good meeting with the new Athletic Director at school.

Thursday: 8.2 miles / 6:22 pace in Westford waiting on the Honda to hopefully be operational. Glutes, hips and quads are sore but functional. Felt great from an aerobic standpoint. The weather was amazingly nice... Cross Country season is in the air!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 7/27 - 8/3

Monday: Easy 30 minutes on trails. Light core.

Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes on trails.

Wednesday: Easy 45 minutes on trails.

Thursday: Easy 61 minutes on trails. Light core

Friday: Steady 58 minutes steady on trails again. Pushed Turnpike St. Climb and got the CR on strava... small victories.

Saturday: 55 minutes / 9 miles out and back on the bike path in Eastham and Wellfleet.

Sunday: 51 minutes / 7.8 miles steady with Joe Navas. Good run with an even better teammate.


Groovin... feeling good at the end of the most productive week I've had in a while. Enjoying summer!