Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday night track

It's probably about time I jump back on the blogger band wagon after a short hiatus over the month of May and most of April! In summary, I've been logging between 30 and 40 measly miles trying to get my legs back in working order. After seeing a few different kinds of specialists (chiropractic, ART, and general massage), I've been told a) I might have old tears in both hamstrings (from Cape Cod, I'd guess), b) I might have a meniscus tear in my right knee (what the?), c) either a stress reaction around my fibula and/or d) mild tendinitis in a small calf muscle that helps lock the knee... that's a lot of maybes! Seeing my new primary in mid-June to start the process of getting some concrete information and meanwhile I've made gradual progress at regaining fitness. I won't recap all of the past 5-6 weeks, but I'll try to throw in a little write-up on the Bedford 12k soon enough.

Anyway, my first workout back!

Met up with team Whirlaway for the first track workout of the year over at Phillips Andover at 5:45 for a nice warm up in the Phillips Sanctuary. A quick stop in the woods and right over to the group. Dave's recipe called for 6x800 on 2:00 rest. Full standing/jogging recovery, basically. Jose Ortiz and I teamed up and traded the lead every other repeat. 2:26, 2:24, 2:25, 2:22, 2:24, 2:22. A little fast for the first time on the track, but it felt great. Helped pace one of the women, Cathy, to a 2:55 afterwards. Overall a solid effort. Happy to finish feeling like I had a few more left in the tank. 

So, hopefully this is a positive sign that maybe I can run at full capacity in the coming weeks. I'm taking my rest days super conservatively, and looking to see a gradual progression up to 70-75 mpw by mid summer. I'm really looking forward to the weekly track workouts. Jose and I seem to be the same page and worked well together. You may see me at the Newton 10k, but that will be a game-day decision since I have some family affairs in southwestern CT that weekend. 

Looks like lots of guys and gals are rolling and some big races coming up! Good luck to everybody running Pack and Mt. Washington!!