Friday, January 16, 2015



44 lengths / half mi swim took a hair over 20 minutes.


75 minutes on the bike at Breakaway computraining. Warmed up 18 minutes then cycled through four long threshold segments. The threshold test I did about a year ago has my threshold at 265 watts which felt very tough tonight. No pain in the injured leg during or after the ride, which was the best news of the night!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Sunday: Off

Monday: Off

Tuesday: I swam 88 lengths of the 20y pool for a total of exactly 1 mile. Almost all of it was freestyle. I took a few easy backstroke lengths to get the heart rate under control. The first 20 lengths felt pretty rough and I thought it was going to be a short workout but I felt better as things went on and I really got my breathing down which was the most difficult part for me. I'll probably time myself next time just to get a sense of how long I'm working for... I must have been doing something right because I had these infamous calf cramps upon getting out of the pool!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


First pool workout... I alternated using a kickboard and practicing getting long and breathing with laps of freestyle for half an hour. Very quickly lost track of how many laps. It was good to do something aerobic!

Also did about half an hour of yoga looking to lengthen my hamstrings, hips and lower back.

It's not running but it's not nothing. Knee remains swollen.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Boring update

No activity to report.

I got a few x-rays which came up with nothing. The doctor found swelling and some kind of lump behind my lower patella. Referred to orthopedics and PT, which confuses me because how can PT guess at how to treat it without information from ortho?

I also signed up at Cedardale, a gym about a quarter-mile from work. I have no excuse not to be in the pool there 3-4 x per week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12/24 - 1/6

Wednesday: 4.5 mi... warmed up. Began a workout of repeat 200s with a modest goal of 34s and came up lame on the 5th one. About 1/4 mi into the cooldown home a shooting pain rocked my knee joint and I ended up hobbling / walking for a couple miles before finally flagging someone down and using their phone to call Lauren and get a ride. Not good...

Thursday 12/25 - Thursday 1/1 off - the pain behind my knee gradually subsided but serious muscular tightness throughout the left leg remained.

Friday 1/2 easy 3.3 mi jog on trails. Legs felt like Gumby out there but it was good to move!

Saturday 1/3 easy 7 mi very slow on trails before the storm. Felt okay.

Sunday 1/4 easy 5 mi again very slow, this time on roads by night. Left calf, quad, hamstring all rigged up pretty badly in the last mile.

Monday 1/5 easy 2.9 mi very easy. Leg spazzed out again and I had to walk the last half mile back home.

Some history... in 2007 I had stress a stress fracture in my L proximal fibula.  It was hard to diagnose and didn't come up on x-ray or MRI until about a year later when I was scanned for something unrelated and my orthopedist found a lot of calcification a couple inches below the knee and asked me when I'd broken my leg. Another x-ray later showed stress fracture in my R proximal fibula. SO, I've had symmetrical stress fractures in this location. A blood test around that time showed my calcium was low and I started supplementing.

The symptoms I'm having are comparable to 8 years ago. Bouts of severe pain that come on suddenly after a few miles of running. Meanwhile a general feeling of instability/weakness and randomize muscle tension all around the weakened area... I'm skeptical of spending the time and money to do all the scans with predictably unclear outcomes... Game plan per moment is to get in the pool and to stay off my feet whenever possible. I can walk okay but going downstairs is a horror show. I'm hopeful I can find a sports medicine doctor through my new HMO at Lahey. Unfortunately I'll need to stay within the Lahey network. The recent dietary changes I've made probably necessitate blood work, at least.