Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 17: Hitting the ground... cycling

Monday: 15 mile ride easy. Trying to get back into exercise on the right... wheel? Okay, I'll stop.

Tuesday: 26 miles steady to Topsfield collecting a disc I lost over the weekend. Strangers contacted me and hid it well so I could collect it. Nice!

Wednesday: 43 miles / 2:23 and change, with Sharon weaving to Topsfield and back. Felt good for the first 30 or so and struggled thereafter. Sunburned but satisfied. Off to a good week!

Thursday: 1.6 miles easy shaking the legs out. Good stretch after.

Friday: 6.7 miles / 59 minutes on trails at Ward. It was warm but I felt good after half a mile of shuffling!

Saturday: 6am: 62-63 miles @ 20.1 mph with the breakaway crew. It was cool to do a real group ride for maybe only the 5th time in my life. Hung tough (read: drafted like a banshee) the last 10 miles as the pace picked up. Pulled a few times but mostly just hung onto the wheel in front of me. There was a bit of a sprint finish toward the end which I had no part of. A few maniac drivers on the road but I guess that's just how it is. It's probably stressful for some people trying to get to work and having 16 or so cyclists to get past. Good ride all around!

Week 16: The lost week

No need to itemize this week as I was completely inundated by DC trip duties Monday-Friday. My cousin Colin arrived Friday night and we celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Highlights include 4 rounds of disc golf, a trip to Mohegan Sun, and lots of good food. Starting anew in week 17.