Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday - Thursday

Tuesday: 65 minutes steady mid-morning at the Fells with Ben Jenkins. Felt pretty good but not particularly fast.

Wednesday: 48 minutes easy on Andover roads solo. 3 year anniversary today!

Thursday: First workout in a LONG time. Alex talked me into 6 x (3" on / 2" off). I ran really hard and kept Alex pretty close on all but the last one. 10.9 mile hilly loop and averaged 6:18 pace including warm up and cool down. We estimated the on-efforts to be around 4:50 - 5:05 pace. Alex ran closer to 4:50 pace. I'm basically amazed I almost kept up.

Taking a hiatus from the real world starting tomorrow as I venture into the woods of the Adirondacks for an 8 day canoe and backpacking trip.  I'll be back on July 20 and hopefully have some good work to report.

Monday, July 8, 2013

7/2 - 7/8

Tuesday: Morning run in Maudslay with Matt Germain. 45 minutes of steady trail treading.
Wednesday: 61 minutes on trail in the early AM. Moving slow, which I'm sure the dear flies appreciated...
Thursday: 51 minutes easy on the roads in the early AM.
Friday: 65 minutes steady on the roads late evening.
Saturday: Off. Notable: I learned to back flip off the end of a boat at Merry Meeting lake in New Durham. Landed it on the third attempt. A fun Saturday on the lake with friends!
Sunday: Off. Lots of core in the evening.
Monday: Stopped by Sam's Outfitters in south Keene to gear up for the upcoming trip to the Adirondacks. New/first-ever sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a few random smaller purchases. I decided to make the most of the drive and hit mount Monadnock and back via the Dublin trail. The Dublin trail is probably the most direct (read: steepest) route up and maintaining a running motion is basically impossible in a couple spots. Almost nobody on the mountain which was nice so I didn't have to gasp "hello" as I drove madly upward. Up in 34 minutes, down in 34 minutes for a total of 68. I couldn't believe I didn't come down faster than I went up. Actually, I felt more positive about the climb after descending. I forget exactly what my best is for this climb though I think it might be a hair under half an hour.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Saturday, Sunday, Monday


7 miles with Matt Germain


Off. Helped dad move and spent time with family. 


15.9 in a big loop around Andover. A small portion was trail but mostly hilly roads. 6:47 pace running away from massive lightening storms, eventually got drenched, and nearly bonked at 14 miles. Felt strong for the most part and happy to have a long run in the books.