Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 12: 3/19 - 3/25

Monday: 60 minutes / 8 miles solo on trails from home. Felt, for lack of a better descriptor, clunky. Cycling doesn't do great things for my stride.

Tuesday am: 85 minuntes / 12.5 miles with M. Germain. Good run!

Tuesday pm: 45 minutes / ND with my pops out at Otter Brook Park in Keene. Picked up my first internal frame hiking pack ever (Alteo 50 by the North Face) and I can't wait to use it!

Wednesday am: 65 minutes / 9 miles on trails in and around the Ward reservation. Perfect day. Dehydrated by the end.

Thursday noon: 55 minutes / 7.5 miles on trails from home. Felt great out there today. Lauren is mad at me because two days running shirtless and I already have a good amount of color. Thanks pasty-white Irish skin! Double tonight?

Friday am: 45 minutes / 6.5 on trails and roads. Started sluggish but felt really fresh by the end. Definitely double tonight. This week is looking ugly thus far!

Friday pm: double canceled due to tight achilles.

Saturday: 5 miles easy with Ben on trails. Achilles and mid calf were super tight and sore today. A little freaked out, but lots of rolling, ice and massage after seem to have things feeling better.

Sunday: Helped a buddy out at the first ever Red Coat Run in Lexington. Ran packet pick-up and t-shirt distribution 8:30-9:55 and decided very last-minute to hop in and get a few miles. There's just something about a racing environment that makes me want to run hard... so without warmup I'm out in 5:45 and sucking wind. My legs felt super rubbery and clearly not warmed up yet. Big hill in mile 2 slowed me some, but chased several people down in the last mile and finished up at 17:48 (I think). Didn't even jog back to the car. 3.1 miles total on the day... pretty unintelligent to not even stretch, but I was exhausted from the weekend and just wanted to go home.

Total: 58 miles. Need to pick up the momentum and get some longer runs in throughout next week. Calf/achilles still in question.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 11: 3/12 - 3/18

Monday: 10.2 / 68 minutes with Nate Jenkins on a hodgepodge of roads and trails around Andover. Felt great today! Could have been the 60 degree weather. Or it could have been my new Scott trainers I was testing out!
Tuesday: 95 minute spin around Andover, Reading, Boxford, N. Andover, etc. Stressed out with some tough choices on my mind and just felt like cruising.
Wednesday: 8 miles / light workout: 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 8x150m strides; 4:58, 3:38, 2:22, 68. in my new Lunar racers. I got a small blister on my left Achilles but I blame poor stitching in the sock and hopefully not the shoes...
Thursday: double 8 easy am, 4 easy pm
Friday: 8 miles steady am, 60 minute ride pm
Saturday: 10 miles easy
Sunday: 120 minute. No race...

Total: 50 miles running, 4.5 hours on the bike. Right patella is sore, but I can't tell if riding makes it better or not. No race this weekend due to craziness involving a change of employment as well as a change of team affiliation. More on that later. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 10: 3/5 - 3/11

Monday: 5 am / 5 pm. Easy shakeouts. Feeling off. My stride just feels like junk and I'm super tight in the hamstrings and calves. Probably shouldn't have run in trail racers in Boston on Saturday -- everything hurt after. Rolled out and stretched repeatedly. Feeling better in the evening.
Tuesday: 11.5 easy warmup followed by 4x600m Prospect Hill repeats (50' vertical climb), then 300, 400, 500, 600m hard on flats. 2:08, 2:08, 2:05, 2:01 on the Prospect repeats. Happy to finally have a good hill to work on.  Kept everything at 5' pace for the flats afterward since they were mostly for volume. Felt pretty darn good today after a sluggish warm up.
Wednesday: 70 minutes / 10 miles steady on a mixture of slushy trails and roads. My "quick feet" were sharp for the trails today and I was really flying out there on some messy terrain. So much fun sliding around. I'm already lamenting a winter which failed to produce the snow I hoped for. Almost ran tempo for the last 4 but held off for a Friday - Monday - Thursday workout schedule heading into NB.
Thursday 8am: 79 minutes / 12.2 with Matt Germain on new roads from the apartment. I hadn't been out by the Haggett's pond area north of 133 so it was cool to add some new terrain. The roads were fairly busy with morning commuters but I was pumped to see several reservations with trail systems that take you all the way out to the Rivah trail. Can't wait to get back out there. Each of us acknowledged the pace was a tad quick but it was a beautiful day and sometimes you just have to run! 6:31 pace overall, first 10 at 6:15.
Friday: 8x400m, 4x200m on 200m/55s recovery, 71, 71, 70, 70, 70, 69, 70, 69, 32, 31, 31, 30. Finally starting to turn the legs over with some classic track work! The recovery was the toughest component as I was 16:50ish through 5k. Not a ton of volume but the goal was to get the legs turning over efficiently. Made sense not to go after volume after a pretty solid run yesterday, 9.5 total.
Saturday: 8 miles really slow after work.
Sunday 6:30 am: 13..5 / impromptu workout. La and I are checking out a gym in town so I decided to begin my run there. Had originally planned to go 17ish but 5.5 miles in on the dreadmill I couldn't take it anymore and decided to run a few miles at half-marathon effort: 2 miles in 10:50, bathroom stop, 2 miles in 10:40, 90 second jog, 1 mile in 5:20, 3 miles down. 5:20 pace doesn't exactly feel easy but in a racing environment I think I can hold this up for a good long while. Running so dang early definitely added to the challenge. #notamorningperson!

Total: 74.7 on with 3 quality workouts and some good core work thrown in throughout the week. I'm not positive I can pull off a 1:10-1:11 at NB but I'll go out at that pace and just hold on for dear life that last 5 or so miles. Barring a full-on implosion I should set a PB one week from today. And if I learned anything from Amherst it's to not start out in 10:15 through 2 miles (ugh). 10:50-11:00 sounds far more manageable after that!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 9: 2/27 - 3/4

Monday: 8 miles / 58 minutes easy with Nate Jenkins on Andover trails. Pretty sore but felt good to move.
Tuesday: 11 miles / 83 minutes easy solo on Andover and N. Andover trails. Still sore, kept it nice and light but felt great, actually. 3 sets of crunches, med ball, pull ups, push ups.
Wednesday: 6.5 easy with Brandon Newbould in Exeter, followed by 10 sets of diagonals (16 minutes, 2.5m?) and 2.5 cool down for 11.5 total. Feeling speedy for the first time in a while! Good light workout. Upper body sore.
Thursday: 12 / 95 minutes in the storm with Matt Germain. Headed out roads to the entry to Holt and Boston Hill and did ~4 miles on the snow-covered trails, then returned home roads. Effort was probably closer to 13 miles.
Friday: 20 miles /  2:18 on wednesday hill and Bay roads with B Newbould and T Mallard. The roads were an absolute mess for the majority of the run but we had a good time sharing stories and laughing at the ridiculously under-maintained roads. Best feeling 20 miler I've ever run, effort-wise.
Saturday: 5 easy from BU indoor track with my brother, Alex. He had just run 8:10 in the 3k at IC4As for 4th place, so we were both jacked up and clicking off miles along the Charles. Returned to the track since Alex wasn't sure if he was running the 5k tomorrow and didn't want too much volume beforehand.
Sunday: 10 slow but difficult around 10pm from the apartment. Long weekend with work, parents in town and lots of gatherings. Glad I got the run in. Meanwhile Alex ran a blazing 14:07 on the track for 2nd today, demonstrating what years of hard work does for one's strength. Not surprised by the performance but absolutely proud of this guy!

Total: 77.5

Alright week coming off an alright race. No workouts, but three pretty solid runs and reintroducing core work which is really key to my efficiency at faster paces. Can't forget that. Pumped for NB in a couple weeks! Next week must be better, in both volume and quality runs. Threshold work and a track workout are a must.