Monday, September 3, 2012


A good start to the week with a solid 1:37 with none other than Sam Wood in Newburyport. We ran the Yankee 10 miler course in 65 minutes and jumped into Maudslay for another 32 minutes of running. 14.5 on the day. Recovered with an awesome pizza at Flat Bread's in Amesbury. Good news... the Hynes bridge connecting Amesbury and Newburyport has reopened!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Long(er) Run

7am: 1:42:40 / 15 miles  Matt Germain and I met up for a casual semi-long run on the Haggett's Pond - Golf Course route in Andover. Matt's coming off an achilles flare up and since I raced yesterday, each of us thought better of going farther. I worked out the kinks the first few uphill miles and then we basically cruised easy around 6:40 for a majority of the run.

This week: 83 miles with one race, one solid workout, and a decently long run. This is probably right where I'll keep it and not really reach much higher unless I have good indicators that I'm ready. Made steady progress over the past month. The race yesterday was a lot of fun. Happy to be sub 16 again for the first time in a while! For this coming week I'll be working out at Andover on Tuesday and probably something tempo-ish on Friday and long again Sunday. Although, it could be an unpredictable week with school starting!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Race!

Thursday: 65 minutes of trail awesomeness! 9.5 miles
Friday am: 7+ miles with 4x120m strides, feeling good!
Friday pm: 4 miles before dinner with Brent.
Saturday: UNH Friends/Alumni 5k. 3 up, 5k race, 2 down, 4 extended cool down. 15:45ish (official results not yet posted...) 2nd place behind UNH alum Dan Hocking. Ran even, felt strong through to the end. Made a move to pass Alex Beaulieu around 2 miles. The course was in excellent shape. Cross was a little unfamiliar with the changes from dirt to grass to gravel and back, but I stayed focused and kept it in a good gear. It was really nice to see my old coaches and catch up with some UNH buds!