Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Week 22: 6/10-6/16

Monday, 6/10 - Off. Made an offer on a house. There's a lot more involved in that process than I realized. I probably needed the day to let my right hamstring relax a little bit. It has been tight ever since the 400s on Saturday. Definitely feeling better on Tuesday as I write this.

Tuesday, 6/11 - 5 miles / 35 minutes mostly roads with Drew. Plan was 4x800 but his knee was nagging him and my hamstring was oddly tender so we opted for a shorter cruise around the campus. Felt refreshed at run's end. Ran into Max and his dog and later we saw Andy, Owen, Theo and Trevor out for short run. Summer training is heating up!

Wednesday, 6/12 - 6 miles / 39:5x / 6:39 pace - I couldn't decide what to do today. I intended to run Evans steady but I was running too hard so I cut west to do the horse barns loop which involves a bit of trail where then I intended to jump into College Woods... but when I got the UNH field house I realized I was near the last 1.5 miles of the Bobcat Bolt course. Since I was originally slated to run some 800s in preparation for that race (still not positive I'll be able to run it) I opted to push the pace directly back to the high school going 6:00 and 5:49. I was honestly a little surprised to find that pace sustainable. Definitely used my full stride today.

Thursday, 6/13 - Off - unsure of why I missed today. I don't remember.

Friday, 6/14 - 65 minutes on the mountain bike with Bassett and Butler.

Saturday, 6/15 - Off - No race. No run at all. Back is rigged up, probably from the ride yesterday.

Sunday, 6/16 - 39:16 - 6.1 miles 8:40 PM start on the Homecoming Loop. Homecoming Loop with Sloth. It was very muggy and a little rainy. Originally planned to add on Faculty for close to 9 miles but had major indigestion from Father's Day dinner. Speedy little run coming back the last few miles in the low 6s which was fun.

Summary: Not an awesome week. 17 miles running on three days and one decent bike ride. The good news is my average running pace was in the 6:40s. Hoping for a better week.

Down to 175 lbs.

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