Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Week 25: Enter July

Monday, 7/1: 5.1 mi / 47:26 with Bill and Joe. The deer fly reminded me why I don't run much trail in July. Holy ... they were bad!! Began counting how many I killed until it numbered well past 50.

Tuesday, 7/2: Off / with Connor.

Wednesday, 7/3 10 miles, 66:15 on the treadmill at PF. Started at 6:58 pace and brought it down each mile. Last mile went 6:00 pace. Glad for treadmills on 90+ degree days when you have to run at noon!

Thursday, 7/4 - Off. Happy Fourth! Swam a bit in the pool. Back is oddly tight, but not painful.

Friday, 7/5 - Connor duty all dang day. Should have gotten out there, but I didn't.

Saturday, 7/6 - 52:16 / 15.32 . 17.8 mph with 1000 ft of climbing. Went earlier once Connor went down to beat the heat. Felt decent, except my back was a little tight and cranky, especially early on.

Sunday, 7/7

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